Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Special Announcement!!

After a long hiatus [and some renewed creative energy], I've decided to resurrect this blog and get back to some regular updates on my training and racing. 

First Order of Business - I have been selected to represent Maverick Multisport for the 2016 season.  This is my first foray with an age group triathlon team and I am very excited for this opportunity!

Our list of team partners is impressive and I know their top-notch products will elevate my training and racing this year.  I encourage you to check out the Maverick Multisport website for more information:

Things are looking up for this season and I can’t wait for it to begin.  In the coming weeks I will update everyone on what I’ve been up to during my long time away and what my plans are for the upcoming season.    

Below is the list of sponsors!

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

No second guessing!

Check out the link below to Chris "Macca" McCormick's latest article on Triathlete Magazine's website.

I especially like his reference to a corner stone of Brett Sutton's coaching philosophy - "belief in what you are doing is more important than what you are actually doing." 

Too often we get caught up in the numbers, splits, and distances instead of than focusing on establishing our own program that will lead to consistent training.  We see what other people are doing and question our own training - leading us to try and do more.  This typically leads to burnout, poor training, injury all which disrupts consistent training, which is the foundation for improvement and better race results. 

Next time you find yourself comparing your training load to someone else, trust in your own plan....

....and then go out and kick their ass on race day!!  

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


While nothing will replace running outside and enjoying the fresh air and chirping birds...there are times when the weather outside is wet/cold/dark/unsafe/f*cking miserable and a much better run will be had indoors.

Don't get me wrong I'm all for those "character building" runs when you're out by yourself, in a hail storm, with 50+mph winds, running your ass off because "some man" is chasing you, [insert your personal drama here]...   

perfect running weather?!
...but wait!!  There's a nifty solution to our little's the TREADMILL [ooh...aah] 

...distinguished picture of our new friend silent training buddy
Now, I know what you are thinking.  Treadmills are [insert favorite expletive] BORING!!...but wait!!  Despite what they say...treadmills can serve a purpose.

No hills?  No track?  No Garmin?  Crap weather? Want to videotape your gait?  Want to focus on form/turnover/cadence?  Hate to carry your water bottle and wish you had a towel to wipe your forehead?   Answer: use a treadmill. 

I personally use the treadmill for hill sessions being that it's completely flat where I live.  There is endless combinations of speed v. gradient to challenge yourself.  Using short intervals of 1-5min with recovery periods built in will help break up the monotony of being on a treadmill for your run. 

Even better - you can catch up on an old movie or old episodes of Gossip Girl while banging out some hill repeats.  WIN-WIN!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Single Arm Drill - Professional Triathlete Amanda Stevens

Below is a great video from one of the best female swimmers in triathlon, Amanda Stevens.  In it she explains how to execute the single-arm swim drill. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Yoga? for Triathlon? that looks a little uncomfortable...

I've started incorporating yoga into my off-season training schedule.  I'm usually the most uncoordinated person in these classes, but have found some significant improvement after just few weeks.  There are a number of "regular" poses that instructors include during their sessions and once you master them you can begin to explore the tougher ones with greater confidence.  Nevertheless, I'm constantly admiring the ability of the more experienced yoga-goers to contort their bodies into unbelievable positions.   

With a eye towards "how will this help my triathlon performance?" I've come up with a few areas that I think are applicable. 

Thus far, I've noticed 3 areas:
  • Strength/Balance--Many of these poses are damn tough and if you don't have the right amount of strength you are forced to do modified versions.  Personally, I have a weaker upper body and this is definitely brought to light during certain poses.  While a super strong body isn't particularly required for triathlon, stronger shoulders and arms will help in swimming.  Poses such warrior 1 and 2, bridge, triangle and chair really focus on your legs and core, especially when held for extended periods of time.  Many of your smaller stabilizers muscles also get a great workout. 
  • Flexibility/Stretching--While there may be some debate about flexibility and its direct impact on triathlon, I still think there is something to be said about the deep stretches you get from many of the yoga poses (e.g. downward dog and warrior poses are great for legs and back).  Keeping your muscles limber will go a long way to feeling good off the bike.      
  • Breathing--The instructors are always telling you to focus on your breathing.  Frankly, during the first few weeks I was so focused on trying to do the poses that I completely ignored this step.  Don't get me wrong I did breath, but as I've become more comfortable doing the poses I've tried to focus more on inhaling during certain phases of the movement and exhaling during others.  This practice lends itself to a greater ability to control your breathing, which in race situations can be very important.  Also, learning how to do the deep diaphragmatic breathing will go a long way in future training.           
Hope you guys will give yoga a try, it's definitely something that I think will improve my swim/bike/run for next season.  When in doubt try "corpse pose" - it won't disapppoint, I promise!